BEE-SD Smoke Detector
Wireless photoelectric smoke detector that detects all types of smoke
- Detector Battery: DC 3V (One-Time Disposal), typical service period 10 years
- Detector Battery: DV 6V(2x CR14505)
- Built-in Siren
- Self-Check from the App
- Detection Range: 60 sqm.
- Instant alarm notification
- Low battery Reminder
- Unlimited History Event
- BEE-HUB is required , purchase seperately
- Full Remote Control
- ZigBee

Detect All Types of Smoke
BEE-SD detects all types of smoke. Whenever smoke is detected, the built-in siren will be activated, you will immediately receive an alarm notification on your mobile phone. You can mute the alarm from app if it is proven as a false one
You can carry out a self-check both from locally by long pressing the button at the smoke detector or remotely from the App by tap "self-check" button. For security reasons, we strongly suggest you to carry out device self-check after installation and regularly (once per week is suggested) to ensure the smoke detector is working normally.
Alarm Notification
When smoke is detected, you will receive an instant alarm notification at your mobile. At meantime, the device will emit siren and LED flashes.
Easy to Use
The BEE-SD is completely wirefree, therefore no external power supply needed. Place the smoke detector on the ceiling at the top of a stairwell, or where smoke would most likely be detected.
Install additional detectors if there are closed doors preventing smoke from reaching the detectors.
Steps To Set Up BEE-SD
Download The App
Download BeeSecure App from Apple Store or Google Play. The App is an integrated solution for all BeeSecure products
To use BEE-SD, BEE-HUB(purchase separately) is required to be installed and connect to Wi-Fi. BEE-HUB is centre device to manage the communication between BeeSecure devices and the App.
After BEE-HUB has been connected to Wi-Fi, to establish the data transmission between the smoke detector and the hub, you need to pair the two devices. The process takes about 5 seconds
Install BEE-SD
Install the smoke detector the ceiling at the top of a stairwell, or where smoke would most likely be detected. Follow the manual to avoid the locations where impact the accuracy of the device
Set up BEE-SD
After connecting the BEE-SD with the BEE-HUB, you can remotely set up your smoke detector, receive real-time fire alarming events, and mute the alarm remotely.

Most Frequently Asked Questions about BEE-SD

Do I have to buy BEE-HUB to use the smoke detector ?
You can use the smoke detector without the hub. But it is strongly suggested to use it with the hub to be aware of any potential fire risk on time.
How do I know if the smoke detector is working?
You can remotely test your device by clicking "self-check " from the app. The app will return the test results.
I accidentally triggered the alarm by smoking indoors, can I mute it?
Yes. Go to the smoke detector page, a "Mute" button will be displayed when smoke is detected . You can manually mute the siren. The smoke detector siren will be on again if the smoke is still detected after 9 minutes when the mute is pressed
I received low battery notification/message, what can I do?
The notification/message will indicate you which battery of the smoke detector is running low. If it is from the ZigBee base, replace the batteries (CR14505). If it is from the smoke detector unit, replace with new detector as soon as possible
I installed multiple smoke detectors on each floor of my house, do I need one hub on each floor?
Check the status of your smoke detector at home page, if it appears offline, it means the communication range between the smoke detector and hub may fall out of range. Add BEE-REPEATER in between to extend the communication range between hub and each smoke detector
Remote Control via BeeSecure App