BeeSecure Repeater BEE-REPEATER

Doubles the coverage area of your BeeSecure network and the number of devices supported by BEE-HUB
Full Mobility
Single point-to-point plug in unit, can be easily placed at any corner of the house to boost the ZigBee network signal
Double Coverage
Extend the communication range between BeeSecure smart devices and the hub from 20 meters to 40 meters
32 Devices
Double the number of devices that can be supported by each BEE-HUB , from 16 to 32 devices
BEE-REPEATER Specifications
Extend the Communication Range of devices and Increase the number of devices supported by BEE-HUB
- Power Supply: AC220V/50HZ
- Average power: <0.3W
- Working temperature: -10~50°C; humidity: 10%~90%, no condensation
- Material: ABS/PC
- Measurements:74*50*66
- Protocol: ZigBee
- BEE-HUB is required , purchase separately
BEE-REPEATER is Ideal for:
Boost your BeeSecure Network at lowest cost and most efficient way with BeeSecure Repeater
Multi-Floor House
Use additional BEE-REPEATER at each floor of the house to reach the most stable connection
Office Building
Use additional BEE-REPEATER where needed to connect with more BeeSecure devices
Weak Connection
Use for spaces with too many interferences in between the BeeSecure hub and devices, e.g. walls , ceilings
You'll Love the Perfect Integrated Solution
Extend your Smart Home Security Package with the BeeSecure Smart Devices and Enjoy Full online access. Anywhere, anytime.
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