BEE-OMS Object Movement Sensor
Detect The Movement & Vibration Of Objects and send instant alert to your phone
- Detect Movement & Vibration
- Ideal to place it on valuable objects or at windows
- 3 level of sensitivity to prevent false alarm
- BEE-HUB is required , purchase separately
- Full Remote Control
- Instant Alarm Notification
- Light weighted /Stick N Go
- ZigBee

Where to Use BEE-OMS
BEE-OMS Object Movement Sensor can be easily attached to any valuable objects or placed at the window
Detect Movement & Vibration
BEE-OMS can detect the movement and vibration of object. Whenever the object is moving or someone tries to break your window, the object movement sensor will immediately send notification to your mobile.
3 Sensitivity Level
3 customized sensitivity levels to meet your needs. Use High/Medium/Low to improve the accuracy of the alarm report.

Easy to Use
To use the BEE-OMS, simply peel off the protective film at the back and attach to the surface of any valuable object or at the windows . It is suggested to place the device at hidden place to prevent someone rip it off.
Instant Notification
User will receive 24/7 real time notification whenever the object is moved or someone tries to damage the surface of the object
Steps To Set Up BEE-OMS
Download The App
Download BeeSecure App from Apple Store or Google Play. The App is an integrated solution for all BeeSecure products
To use BEE-OMS, BEE-HUB(purchase separately) is required to be installed and connect to Wi-Fi. BEE-HUB is centre device to manage the communication between BeeSecure devices and the App.
After BEE-HUB has been connected to Wi-Fi, to establish the data transmission between the lock and the hub, you need to pair the two devices. The process takes about 5 seconds
Install BEE-OMS
Peel off the sticker at battery back, and stick the object movement sensor anywhere you need to detect the vibration /movement, e.g. window, safe, drawers.
Place the sensor at hidden place to avoid human manipulate
Via BeeSecure App, you can take full remote control of BEE-OMS, e.g. rename the device, set up sensitivity level , the notification status and etc.
How to set up your BEE-OMS
Detect Movement/Vibration of Objects

Most Frequently Asked Questions about BEE-OMS

Do I have to buy BEE-HUB to use the sensor?
Where can I use BEE-OMS?
You can place the sensor on valuable objects, e.g. safe, expensive painting/collections... you can also place it on the windows, so if someone breaks your window, the sensor will trigger an alarm and notify you on your mobile.
How can I set the sensitivity level to generate accurate reports?
BEE-OMS offers 3 sensitivity levels, Low-Medium-High which can detect movement from a knock at the surface of the object to intensive damage or movement to the surface of the object. The examples listed below should give you a better idea about each level
- Low: detects very intensive shakes or damage at the surface of the object, e.g. someone strikes to break your window
- Medium: detects average movement or vibration at the surface of the object, e.g. someone carries and moves your safe or a heavy knock on your window
- High: detects subtle movement or vibration, e.g. someone wearing high heels walking by your safe or gentle knock on your window
Please test the levels to find the best setup for your needs and adjust it. For example if you go on holiday and you don't expect any motion in the house, you can change your sensor sensitivity as high.
Where on the object should I place the sensor?
Please place the sensor in a hidden area, e.g the back of the object, to prevent the intruder to rip it off. If you place the sensor inside of the safe, or places with weak/unstable signals, test it multiple times before you ensure the sensor can function normally.
Why don't I always receive notifications when I carry the object?
The sensor will trigger a notification every 30 seconds to avoid constant notifications regarding to the same movement
Remote Control via BeeSecure App