BEE-MS Pet Friendly Motion Sensor
Wireless pet friendly motion sensor to detect motions of monitored area
- DC 3V (1xCR123a), included in the package
- Pet Friendly Level: <=25kg
- Detection Distance: 2 meters (when mounted at 2 meters above ground)
- Detection Angle: 90 degree (-45 ~ 45 degree)
- Anti-Tamper Alarm
- Alarming: LED flash+Mobile notification
- Suggested Mounting Height: 2 meters
- Low battery Reminder
- Unlimited History Event
- BEE-HUB is required , purchase separately
- Full Remote Control
- ZigBee
Pet Friendly
BEE-MS is a wire free pet friendly passive infrared motion sensor with high accuracy to detect the motion within an assigned monitored area. The motion sensor will ignore a pet that weighs up to approximately 25 kg to prevent false alarms.
Anti-Tamper Alarm
BEE-MS is designed with anti-tamper alarm. Whenever someone attempts to dissemble the motion sensor from its mounting base, the device will send an instant notification to your phone
Alarm Notification
Whenever a larger size (25kg and above) is detected, the motion sensor will flash in red and you will immediately receive an alarm notification on your mobile phone.
Easy to Use
The BEE-MS is completely wire free, therefore no external power supply needed. Mount the motion sensor at wall or at corner to give the widest field of view.
Steps To Set Up BEE-MS
Download The App
Download BeeSecure App from Apple Store or Google Play. The App is an integrated solution for all BeeSecure products
To use BEE-MS, BEE-HUB(purchase separately) is required to be installed and connect to Wi-Fi. BEE-HUB is centre device to manage the communication between BeeSecure devices and the App.
After BEE-HUB has been connected to Wi-Fi, to establish the data transmission between the motion sensor and the hub, you need to pair the two devices. The process takes about 5 seconds
Install BEE-MS
Install the motion sensor at the wall or at the corner to give the widest field of view. It is suggested to mount the motion sensor at height of 2 meters from the ground.
Set up BEE-MS
After connecting the BEE-MS with the BEE-HUB, you can remotely set up your motion sensor, receive real-time motion alarming events, and get notified when the battery is low or someone attempts to dissemble the devie

Most Frequently Asked Questions about BEE-MS

Do I have to buy BEE-HUB to use the motion sensor ?
I don't always receive notifications when passing in front of the motion sensor , why?
The motion sensor will trigger the alarm every 2 minutes to avoid constantly sending notifications regarding the same action
Can I use the motion sensor outdoors?
No. BEE-MS is for indoor use only
Where should I place the motion sensor?
It is suggested to install the motion sensor at 2 meters high from the ground at the corner to detect the widest range of the room
What if someone rip off the motion sensor , will I still receive the notification?
You will receive instant notification and tell that there is a violent dissemble ongoing.
Remote Control via BeeSecure App