BeeSecure BEE-MS Motion Sensor

Wireless pet friendly motion sensor to detect motions of monitored area
Pet Friendly
Automatically filter any motions triggered by your pets and children to generate more accurate report
Detect manipulation or forced tamper at the BeeSecure motion sensor, and send instant notification to your smartphone
Instant notification sent to your smart phone when motion, forced dissembling or low battery is detected

BEE-MS Specifications

BeeSecure Pet Friendly PIR Motion Sensor
- Battery: DC 3V (1xCR123a), included in the package
- Pet Friendly Level: <=25kg
- Detection Distance: 12 meters (when mounted at 2 meters above ground)
- Detection Angle: 90 degree (-45 ~ 45 degree)
- Suggested Mounting Height: 2 meters
- Working Range from Hub: about 20 meters, can be extended to 40 meters with BEE-REPEATER
- Protocol: ZigBee
- BEE-HUB is required , purchase separately
Your Ultimate Guard for Your Home and Families
Track Motions and Protect Your Home
Keep the Burglars out and Your furry friends in
The BeeSecure motion sensor BEE-MS has been specially designed to pick up movement over 25kg, giving you peace of mind that your home is secure while minimising the opportunity for false alarms.
Prevent Changes to Your Security Products
The BeeSecure motion sensor BEE-MS has a built-in accelerometer to detect any tampering of the device. You will be notified once attempts of change of the sensor is detected
Instant Notification
The BeeSecure motion sensor will immediately inform you about any motion by sending a notification to your smart phone, even at your preferred time schedule to meet your best comfort
 BeeSecure BEE-MS pet friendly motion sensor
BeeSecure BEE-MS motion sensor anti-tamper
BeeSecure BEE-MS motion sensor notification
Full Control via BeeSecure App
BeeSecure app allows you to control and check status of the BEE-MS Motion Sensor right from your phone. It is the most convenient and the easiest way to protect your family and home from wherever you are.
BeeSecure BEE-MS motion sensor  app
You'll Love the Perfect Integrated Solution
Extend your Smart Home Security Package with the BeeSecure Smart Devices and Enjoy Full online access. Anywhere, anytime.
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