Passcode Enabled Electronic Smart Lock
- Use both in Standalone Mode or Remote Setup via BEE-HUB
- Fit for all doors with EU Profile cylinders
- Support Max. 200 Users
- Passcode length: 6-10 digits
- App Control (BEE-HUB is required)
- Multiple Level User Management
- DIY Installation in 5 minutes
- Adjustable Length at both external and internal side, Ideal for door thickness from 60-120mm and replaces the existing cylinder
- Operation Temperature - -25 ° C to 55 ° C
- IP64 weather resistant
- Temporary access, ideal for rental apartment
- Cycle tested to 120,000 operations
- Drill tested to 15 minutes
- 4*AAA Battery Operated, unlocks up to 5000 times
Your Rental Apartment Assistant
The New Trend of Hosting
Your Rental Apartment Assistant
The New Trend of Hosting
Your Home Guardian
Ready to welcome your loved ones and keep out the uninvited ones
Your Office with Smart Access
Tailored access for all employees and guests
Your Office with Smart Access
Tailored access for all employees and guests
All-In-One Smart Lock
BeeSecure BEE-LOCK P1 specifications
Unique Design
Fit for doors with existing EU profile cylinder. Each lock can be extended with additional 10-15mm from both internal and external side to fit all door thickness. 4 different sizes available
Easy Retrofitting
Remove your existing lock, replace with your BEE-LOCK P1. Adjust the length of P1 to fit your door thickness with tools included. Fix the BEE-LOCK P1 from the middle. Done!
Secured Home
SKG 2 star proofed against expert burglary with drills/wires; Get notified whenever an invalid passcode attempt/low battery; Keep track of who accessed your properties at what time
App Control
The App is an integrated solution for all BeeSecure devices. With the app, you can control and view your device remotely. Free to download at Google Play and Apple store!
Easy Steps to Use Your BEE-LOCK P1
Step 1:Choose Best Size for Your Door
We offer 4 different sizes of cylinders, each with extendable range from internal and external side. Before your purchase, please follow the instructions to measure your door thickness to find the best fit product
Step 2:Download App
If you are using BEE-LOCK P1 via App control. Download BeeSecure App from Apple Store or Google Play. The App is an integrated solution for all BeeSecure products
Step 3: Initialize the Lock
Use the default code to initialize the lock and set up a primary user/Mater code to set up BEE-LOCK P1
Step 4: Add BEE-HUB

If you want to use BEE-LOCK via app control, you will have to connect BEE-HUB with your Wi-Fi. BEE-HUB is center device to manage the communication between BeeSecure devices and the App.
Step 5: Pair BEE-HUB and BEE-LOCK
After BEE-HUB has been connected to Wi-Fi, to establish the data transmission between the lock and the hub, you need to pair the two devices. The process takes about 5 seconds
Step 6: Install the Lock at Your Door
Engineered for easy installation. The Bee-Lock P1 fits all door thickness with 60-120mm.

( Watch Installation Vedio )

All you need is a screw driver, an Allen key and 5 minutes of your day.
Remote Control via the APP
How to set up BEE-LOCK P1 remotely

Most Frequently Asked Questions about BEE-MS

Do I have to buy BEE-HUB to use the motion sensor ?
I don't always receive notifications when passing in front of the motion sensor , why?
The motion sensor will trigger the alarm every 2 minutes to avoid constantly sending notifications regarding the same action
Can I use the motion sensor outdoors?
No. BEE-MS is for indoor use only
Where should I place the motion sensor?
It is suggested to install the motion sensor at 2 meters high from the ground at the corner to detect the widest range of the room
What if someone rip off the motion sensor , will I still receive the notification?
You will receive instant notification and tell that there is a violent dissemble ongoing.

Download BEE-MS Manual

Remote Control via BeeSecure App