Control Center
- Control center of BeeSecure Smart Home Solutions
- Support 16 devices and can be extended to 32 in combination with BEE-REPEATER
- Communication Range 20 meters (depending on operation environment) and can be extended to 40meters in combination with BEE-REPEATER
- Online/Offline Alarm
- Must-have device if you want to remotely control your devices via your smartphone
- ZigBee & Wi-Fi


Gateway of Data Transmission
BEE-HUB serves as a gateway to connect all BeeSecure smart devices and transmits the device data to BeeSecure Cloud. The cloud download and upload data to/from the end user's smartphone.
Zigbee & Wi-Fi
BEE-HUB is operated on ZigBee & Wi-Fi protocols. In a way, it internally communicates with other devices via ZigBee, and in another way, it uploads and downloads data to BeeSecure cloud through Wi-Fi.
Connect up to 32 Devices
Each Hub can connect with 16 BeeSecure devices and can be extended to 32 devices together with BEE-REPEATER. The effective communication range between the hub and devices is approximately 20 meters (depending on the operation environment). For multi-floor buildings or having too many walls in-between devices, it is suggested to place BEE-REPEATER to double the work range

Steps To Add Hub to Wi-Fi

Step 1. Download BeeSecure App

Step 2. Plug-in Hub with Power Supply, and LED flashes in blue

Step 3. Set Up Wi-Fi

Step 4. Connect to BeeSecure Hub HotSpot

Step 5. Succeed to Find The Hub

* The steps on the left is based on iOS phone. The User Interface of Android Phone is slightly different.Please follow the in-app instructions


BEE-HUB Features & How to Setup

The gateway of the communication between BeeSecure Devices and the APP

Most Frequently Asked Questions about BEE-HUB

If you want to manage your devices remotely, you will have to buy BeeSecure Hub separately. The hub establishes the communication between devices and the APP. Make sure you add the hub first before you add other devices.
How many devices can one hub connect to?
Each hub can connect up to 16 devices and can be extended to 32 together with BEE-REPEATER
What is the maximum working range between hub and my other devices?
The average working range between hub and other devices is 20 meters. It depends on the network operation environments. Walls and ceiling can impact the distance
I have multi-floor office/house, and I don't receive push notifications on my mobile?
BEE-REPEATER , in this case , is ideal. It can extend the communication range between the hub and device by double.
I failed to add BEE-HUB from my app , what can I do
Check the hub LED light to identify the failure:
1. If the LED light is not flashing when plugged in : Long press the hub button for more than 3 seconds to reset it. After that the light will blink blue automatically.
2. If the LED light constantly blinks during the whole process of adding the hub :It means the hub does not receive the Wi-Fi configuration via the app, possibly due to the Wi-Fi router failure, please check if the router is switched on
3. If the LED light at last step lights in constant blue, but the app indicates that it failed to add the hub:
It means the Wi-Fi configuration has been sent to the hub , but the app did not receive the confirmation from the hub, please check if the wi-fi network is stable

Remote Control via BeeSecure App