BeeSecure Hub BEE-HUB

Manage Your Smart Devices Online
Smart Home
The true experience of smart control all your BeeSecure devices via the BeeSecure app
Stay in tune what happens to your property and gain peace of mind without being around
Communication between devices and the BEE-HUB are encrypted at highest level

BEE-HUB Specificiations

Control Center of BeeSecure Solution
- Power input: DC12V 0.5A
- Power adapter input: AC220V/50HZ
- Average power: <0.6W
- Working temperature: -10~50°C; humidity: 10%~90%, no condensation
- Measurements: 76*69*18mm
- Each hub can connect up to 16 devices and can be expanded to 32 with BEE-REPEATER
- Communication Range:about 20 meters from the device , can be extended to 40 meters with BEE-REPEATER
- Wireless Protocol: Wi-Fi + ZigBee

Brain of the BeeSecure System

Smart Home Security at Your Fingertips
Your Home is Now Your Smart LifeStyle
Just 1 click to prepare your smart home adapt to your lifestyle. Give access to your guests under your absence, upgrade your security setting at your vocation time...
Stay Tuned
Check what is happening at your home, make sure that everyone is safe under your absence and the house is properly secured
Your Data is Secured
Access to your home and your data is protected at the highest level through enhance encryption algorithm and BeeSecure private cloud solution. All user data are stored locally at devices than exposing to third party
BeeSecure hub BEE-HUB

Always Stable and Secured Network

The devices of the BeeSecure System form a network among themselves which enables mutual and stable communication base on ZigBee protocol, guaranteeing uninterrupted operation of your entire smart home system. With use of BeeSecure repeater, the smart home network range can be extended to 40 meters.

An Easy Video Guide on Where to Start

Bring Your Home to Life in 1 Minute
Add your BEE-HUB from Android Phone
Add your BEE-HUB from iOS Phone
You'll Love the Perfect Integrated Solution
Extend your Smart Home Security Package with the BeeSecure Smart Devices and Enjoy Full online access. Anywhere, anytime.
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