BEE-DWS Door Window Sensor
Detect Close and Open Status of Door and Window
- Detect Close and Open Status of Door and Window
- Full Remote Control
- Extra Security to Check if Doors/Windows are properly closed remotely
- Live Audit Trail
- Compact & Easy to Use
- ZigBee

Detect Open/Close Status
The BEE-DWS Door Window Sensor detects the open and close status of the door/window. Whenever the alarm is on and the distance between the door/window and the frame is bigger than 25mm, a notification will be trigged and sent to your mobile
Full Remote Control
Via the App, you can take full remote control of all BeeSecure devices, e.g. set up alarming status, rename the device, check door/window activity log. Besides, BEE-DWS adds an extra security that allows you to check if the doors/windows are properly closed from the App.
Instant Notification
When the alarm is set on, you will receive 24/7 real time notification at you mobile device whenever the door/window is opened or closed.
Easy to Use
The BEE-DWS set includes one sensor unit and one magnet. Simply peel of the protective film at the back and stick to door/window.
It is suggested to apply the sensor unit at the fixed side of the door/window (frame) and the magnet at the other side, and as high as possible to keep it out of reach from children or intruders
Steps To Set Up Your BEE-DWS
Download The App
Download BeeSecure App from Apple Store or Google Play. The App is an integrated solution for all BeeSecure products
To use BEE-DWS, BEE-HUB(purchase separately) is required to be installed and connect to Wi-Fi. BEE-HUB is centre device to manage the communication between BeeSecure devices and the App.
After BEE-HUB has been connected to Wi-Fi, to establish the data transmission between the sensor and the hub, you need to pair the two devices. The process takes about 5 seconds
Install BEE-DWS
Simply peel off the stickers from battery cover and stick the sensor at the doors/windows frame, and the magnet at the doors/windows. Keep the distance between the sensor and magnet as close as possible. Install the sensor set as high as possible to avoid human manipulate
Via BeeSecure App, you can take full remote control of BEE-DWS, e.g. rename the device, set the notification status and etc.
Remote Control via the APP
How to set up BEE-DWS Remotely

Most Frequently Asked Questions about BEE-DWS

Do I have to buy BeeSecure Hub to use Door Window Sensor?
Yes. The BeeSecure hub is a core device to establish the communication between other smart devices and the App. Therefore, if you need to view the status of the device or receive live alerts, you need to purchase the hub separately and download the App.
Can I user BeeSecure Movement sensor on a door or window instead of Door and Window Sensor?
Although the movement sensor can detect the movement of the object, it could be too sensitive (depending on your settings). Movement sensor cannot tell whether the door/window is closed or opened but the door and window sensor can.
If someone breaks my window, will I be notified?
The Door and Window Sensor can only detect the open/close status of object. We suggest you to attach a movement sensor, which can detect the movement/vibration of the object.
How do I know if the battery is low?
The BeeSecure App will trigger push alerts when the battery is low.
What if someone rips off my sensor?
Please place your sensor out of easy reach and as high/hidden as possible
Now Available at Apple Store and Google Play