Interview with Vytautas Bielys,
Owner of Xkodas

Inspiration| 16 July 2020
Xkodas, a family business in Lithuania , provides professional security services to business and private users since 1987. They are speicialized in selling, fixing and installing locks and other key services. We met two years ago at Essen Security exhibition in Germany where BeeSecure revealed our smart lock BEE-LOCK P1 prototype. Vytautas, the owner of Xkodas was seeking for smart security solution and testing the market to upgrade his business. The conversation immediately got interesting and led to a lot of potentials that the same group BeeSecure and Xkodas can together add more values to the Lithuanian market.
Xkodas is one of our most loyal partners all time. In a way , it witnessed and helped BeeSecure's journey at every stage. Vytautas and his team continuously researched and tested our products to proof that BeeSecure products are Sophisticated and adaptable and constantly gave us feedbacks and amazing suggestions for further improvement. It is really an honour to have partner like Xkodas representing BeeSecure in Lithuania and be able to provide added value for mutual benefits too.
In this article, Vytautas speaks about his company, the vision, and his expectation from the partnership between BeeSecure and Xkodas.
BeeSecure: Vytautas, can you tell us more about your business? What kind of service and products do you provide and who are your customers?
Vytautas : Xkodas is a family business started in 1987. At first, we were only making keys, but as years went by, we started developing business. We wanted to grow as a company and give innovative products to our customers. Therefore, with a team we started making high quality different type of keys, programming and fixing them. Also, we started to sell, fix and install lock, help to open safes, restore lost keys, programme and repair car electronics. Our high quality products are suitable both for home and business.
BeeSecure: Started as mechanical manufacture of security systems, you seem really value the importance of transiting into intelligent profile/smart home. Why?
Vytautas: Growing together with a market and keeping good knowledge about it, we noticed that people started being more interested in smart devices. Smart Home products helps to keep modern and easy life.
One of the most important is a smart lock which is really popular in west Europe and Scandinavian countries.
BeeSecure: 1. Can you tell us more about Lithuania market for Smart Home products? What do you expect the future/trend , say in 5 years , the smart home trend will impact your local market?
Vytautas: : I believe, in 5 years people will be more interested in Smart Home products. Smart lock will be the easiest and safest way to manage your property wherever you are. It doesn't matter if you went for a shopping or on a holiday to the other side of world! That's why it's worth to have high quality and innovative Smart Home products. We all want to be safe, right!
BeeSecure: From where do you know about BeeSecure and Why did you start the cooperation with BeeSecure?
Vytautas: We've been in famous lock exhibition where we met BeeSecure company from Netherlands. Their flexibility and high quality gave us a big motivation to do something more. Probably it's worth to say, they are considered the best lock specialists in the world…
We started to collaborate, and it was one of the best decisions we've made. Our company always wanted to be one way forward and now we are!
BeeSecure: How long have you sold BeeSecure products and what feedback did you get from your customers?
Vytautas: We are working with BeeSecure two years. With help of them we can make sure our customers will have less worrying how to keep safe home or other property. Our products are suitable both for home and business. Safety, comfort and functionality are the things why so many customers from all over the world already evaluated our help as innovated and high standard.

We are happy being official representatives and colleagues with BeeSecure.
We remember when we started and how many times we were testing,creating and fixing our projects, ideas, until we become what we are now – it gives a huge motivation go forward, learn and keep growing.
Best quality Smart Home products will ensure safety and will make our lives easier and more modern. That's why our company highly recommend BeeSecure products – because they are the best lock specialists in the world!

Vytautas Bielys
Owner of Xkodas

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